Thursday, June 12, 2008

Johnstone Straight weather makes it a short day.

Tuesday June 10
Depart: Bickley Bay, 0820
Windy day today... we have 15 -20 knots with some high cloud and sun and about 14 C
Arrive: Douglas Bay, Forward Harbour (Mainland) 1230
Trip Log: 162.8 nm
The weather forecast was for winds up to 40 knots in Johnstone Straight in the afternoon, so we decided to get an early start to miss the worst of it. We wouldn't normally call it a day at 1230, but it definitely wasn't worth fighting the wind to make it a few more miles. Six other boats arrived at our anchorage shortly after, which tells me we made the right decision.
We went for a walk through the forest and came across a big blow down from a few years ago, but it did give us an idea of the type of storms that go through here. Some of the trees were massive!