Thursday, June 12, 2008

Johnstone Straight and Robson Bight

Wednesday June 11
Depart: Douglas Bay, Forward Harbour 0545
Overcast 13 C, calm in bay, 10 - 15 knots in straight.
Arrive: Spout Islet Cove Hanson Island 1500
Lat: 50 35.16 Lon: 126 45.04
Trip Log: 208.7 nm
As with the previous day, our times are all screwy. Leaving an anchorage at 5:45 am is really not normal for us, but again the forecast if for strong winds through Johnstone Straight. Upon entering JS, we met by the JS greeting committee.... a school of dolphins escorted us for a kilometer or so. They are so fun to watch, you can almost imagine how much fun they are having as they zoom around and under our boat.
We passed Robson Bight (picture above) where the resident Orcas come to scratch their bellies on the stones. Boats are not allowed anywhere near, but we did not see any whales today. :-(
Our anchorage for the night was rough from the wakes of passing boats, so we had a hard time getting comfortable, but finally fell asleep.