Friday, September 23, 2011

Boswell Cove, Smith Inlet

Friday August 5, 2011
exit Ahclakerho Islet anchorage
arrive Boswell Cove 51 22.50N, 127 26.51W
Leaving Ahclakerho Islet.
We had put the prawn trap trap down in the entrance to Ahclakerho Channel in about 250 feet, marked the spot on our GPS but when we got there this morning, it was gone. When a trap disappears, there are only three things that could happen: it was stolen, the rope came undone or it drifted away. We didn't think it could have been stolen because no one else is around. So we assumed the rope came undone and that maybe we would see the float somewhere. I got out the binoculars and started scanning and there off in the distance, about a mile away, I could see what I thought might be a float. Getting closer we could see, that yes, it was our float. So thinking that it would have 350 feet of yellow line floating near it, Jerry got in Tail and motored over while I stayed away with the boat, not wanting to get any line tangled in the prop (has happened too many times already). When he got there, he was surprised to see that the trap was still attached! So, for the first time, we have had a prawn trap just drift away and now we know we will have to pick our sites more carefully in the future. Unfortunately, there was not a single thing in the trap.

A visitor on our way to Boswell Cove, stopped for a rest.

After leaving Ahclakerho Channel, we stopped for lunch in a little nook aptly named Finis Nook. There is really only room for one or two boats and it is almost completely surrounded by land except, of course, for a very narrow entry. Jerry and I got in the dingy, Tail, and left mom to relax and read, while we explored. Around the corner we found exactly what we have been looking for! A fixer upper!

Fixer upper in Finis Nook.

Off again, we ventured further into Smith Inlet and end up in Boswell Cove. So peaceful and the water was so nice a warm, we went for a swim. Quiet, peaceful and warm.


Peter and Roma said...

Ahh, the old drifting prawn trap trick. We've had the same problem twice recently but both times we luckily recovered the trap a few kms down tide; and both times the trap was empty!

It is probably not a coincidence that we recently added a second float to each trap to aid with visibility. I suspect that the added surface area of the second float gives the current more purchase causing the trap to get dragged along on a big tide. I'm going to remove one of the floats to see if that helps.

BTW looks like a great fixer upper. Perfect for Jerry to occupy his spare time for the next 40 years.


lynn said...

Love your pictures of the coast.
I was drawn to the few in Smiths Inlet. Spent all the summers of my youth at Boswell and Wadhams. My family in fishing industry. Us kids would row over to Finis nook many times during the summer, and "Hang out." Do you have any more pics of this area. I would love a copy of the one of the pilings. It must be whats left of Boswell. It would really mean alot to me. I have some pics of the camp from the 1960's if you'd like to see them. Thank you for sharing your splendid journey.

Wet Coasters said...

I can send you some more of my pictures Lynn, but you will have to send me your email address. Thanks for your comment on our blog. We are heading back up the coast again this summer, not sure yet just where we will go.
k & J