Monday, September 26, 2011

Beaver Cove

Saturday August 6, 2011
exit Boswell Cove
anchor Beaver Cove 51 33.06N 127 35.99W
Leaving Boswell Cove just as the sun was coming up.
Smith Inlet was home to 16 salmon canneries during the early to middle 1900's... this is all that remains of one.
Another pier from a different cannery site, nature is reclaiming her territory.

Did a bit of sailing today. The wind seems to come up around noon and then blow pretty good up Smith Inlet.
Mom went down for an afternoon snooze and we almost rolled her out of bed when we went to tack... oops! That woke her up pretty quick. Tried a bit of fishing, but nothing of any size was biting. We put the crab traps down in our little anchorage and then another boat came into Beaver cove and put one down too. This made us a bit hopeful that our trap would have something in it in the morning. Sure would be nice to have a Dungeness crab dinner tomorrow!

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