Monday, September 26, 2011

On to Fury Cove, Rivers Inlet

Sunday August 7, 2011
exit Beaver Cove
anchor Fury Cove 51 29.29N, 127 45.62W
It was easier taking pictures of the loons than trying to get a good on of the humpbacks.

Our crab trap was totally empty, not even a starfish! Oh well, I am an optimist, and I know we will catch one sooner or later. Beautiful day for cruising and as we rounded the corner to head into Rivers Inlet, we spotted a humpback whale, then another one and then noticed they were everywhere. And because there were so many, we could actually smell them... they smell awful! Of course, we had to stop and watch for awhile. I got out my camera and as usual, the only pictures I got were of water.... you know, after the whale disappeared!
We got anchored in popular Fury Cove and shortly after Peter and Roma arrived as planned in Invictus. Now we are two!

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Pat Shaughnessy said...

Nice story! Just keep posting!